Photo Shop Elements FAQ

f you’re already a subscriber of Adobe Photoshop Elements Techniques, you’ve probably made regular visits to our accompanying website that’s packed with tutorials, tips, and a very active user-to-user forum. If you haven’t checked these out, you’re missing out on a major benefit of your subscription. If this is your first time seeing our newsletter, please be sure to visit to experience the world’s largest resource for Photoshop Elements. Although the user forum is free to all, the majority of the content on our site is one of the many benefits made available only to our subscribers. We add new content each week, which is one of the reasons why it has become the number one destination in the world for Photoshop Elements users. In addition to the information in the newsletter and on the website, we also offer 21-day online Photoshop Elements training courses. There are currently four courses to choose from, with more to come in the future. Check them out at For more traditional educational options, check out the best-selling DVDs and books written by Adobe Photoshop Elements Techniques’ Executive Editor Scott Kelby, Editor-In-Chief Matt Kloskowski, and Contributing Writer Dave Cross all available at the website store.



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