PCMAV 2.0 Valkyrie

Final version of PCMAV 2.0 Valkyrie

a. Improved! Implementation of new modules for memory management operations and search the file so fast and stable.

b. NEW! IntelligentScan (iScan) for ClamAV engine to improve acceleration when the engine ClamAV detection used. In the 1.x generation PCMAV lot about how slow PCMAV when combined with the ClamAV engine. Therefore we depth research to develop an additional engine, that can be expected to significantly improve the performance of PCMAV when combined with the ClamAV engine. The result, terciptalah iScan for ClamAV, which is able to convince the performance scan
PCMAV + ClamAV to 40% faster.

c. NEW! Realtime Protector (RTP) for Vista and Windows 7. PCMAV RTP is the only antivirus products can run Indonesia smooth and stable on Windows Vista. Special for Windows 7, even though enough running smoothly, RTP is still experimental because the Windows 7 own that are still Beta.

d. NEW! Virus Quarantine (quarantine) to isolate the files that Suspect bervirus to a safe place and protected before further action is taken, such as the elimination or improvement file. If the file is not dangerous (false alarm), it can be returned to the initial location where the file originated. Click on the info Quarantined number to go to the quarantine. Folder and the file \ Quarantine \ quarantine.datâ will automatically PCMAV when run for the first time in the hard disk.

e. NEW! Submit a virus that is integrated in the Virus Quarantine. If the 1.x generation PCMAV files found suspected (suspected) then you must send an example file manually through e-mail with the compression is done before the terpassword. Now difficulty does not exist anymore. Virus features Submit to attend facilitate the automatic delivery of files to a PC Media quarantined. Live select the file menu in the Virus Quarantine, and select Submit. Successfully sent the file that will be analyzed as soon as possible and update antivirus created based on its scale of priorities.

f. NEW! Media Manager PC Updates to update online automatically, either database file for virus PCMAV (update.vdb) and ClamAV (main.cvd & daily.cvd).

g. Improved! Integration early PCMAV Cleaner & RTP. The process of early PCMAV Cleaner more quickly because now no longer check the memory / system Windows start-up when the RTP has been active. And to save more the use of memory, Cleaner & PCMAV now able to use the RTP memory for the database with the virus.

h. Improved! Features scan through right-click on the Explorer (/ REGSHELL). Not only files, folders can now be scanned with a right-click.

i. NEW! Fresh Look-a new look with a more simple, smart, informative, and of course fun.

j. BuG fixed! Error detection (false alarm) heuristik in some programs and scripts.

k. Improved! Main virus database (pcmav.vdb) is now excluded from the main module and update the database with a file virus (update.vdb) placed in the folder “\vdb”

l. Improved! Engine and additional ClamAV CVD (0.9x) is now mandatory placed in the folder
“\ plugins\ClamAV”

m. Improved! Added a database and cleaning virus 54 local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 2614 variannya with the virus circulating in Indonesia, many have been known in version 2.0.0 by this core engine PCMAV.

n. Improved! Changes the name of some new virus variants that follow found.

o. Improved! Some minor improvements and bug improvised internal code to ensure that PCMAV antivirus can still be proud Indonesian.

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original from pcmav2.blogspot.com

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